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Elomek - Electromagnetic doorholders for firedoor control system

The magnetic door holders consist of an electromagnet with steady current and an armature. Its task is to keep the door or shutter in open position as long as the current is on. By disconnecting for a moment the current, the magnet will release its grip and the door resp. shutter is closed by means of normal door closers, counter weights, sliding plane or similar. The door holder can be equipped with different types of mechanical fixing devices.
These fittings allow an adaption of magnets and armatures to different types of doors and shutters.

Impulse devices can consist of heat detectors, smoke detectors, flame detectors, sprinkler centrals or manual alarm pushbuttons. These devices can be incorporated in a fire alarm system or be separately arranged for only door control.

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Anul infiintarii 1984
Capital social 100.000 SEK
Tipul locatiei Sediu central
TVA SE556243706001
Fax +46 8 739 24 28
Website http://www.elomek.com


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    5.092.000 SEK

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Nils Henrik Emanuel Skogwik

Director General (CEO) (VD)

Per Mikael Sköld

Presedintele Consiliului de Administratie (Styrelseordförande)

Nils Henrik Emanuel Skogwik

Membru al Consiliului de Administratie (Styrelsemedlem)

Henrik Skogwik

Director / Manager IT (IT)

Henrik Skogwik

Director Financiar / Administrativ (Ekonomi)

Henrik Skogwik

Director Aprovizionare (Inköp)

Henrik Skogwik

Director Vanzari (Försäljning)

Per Sköld

Manager Productie (Produktion)