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Based on environmental and bio-engineering technologies, Doosan Ecobiznet has been pursuing sustainable organic farming and clean environment and provided the organic farming programs related to the product group including microbial materials and functionalsubstances, which have made eco-friendly, organic farming possible inthe areas of aquaculture, stockbreeding and agriculture.

Particularly, we have developed the patented technology for high-density pure mass culture of photosynthetic bacteria having excellent environmental purification ability and the applicable technologies such as manufacturing of culture system, immobilization of carriers, freeze concentration and freeze-drying and trying to enter the overseas market through these differentiated qualities of technologies.

Wehave make a considerable contribution to the preservation of the ecological environment by developing an eco-friendly water purification technology(B&P system) of lake water that purifies tis water quality andsediments at the same time and even removes odors. We are also continuously making efforts in the research and development of high value-added business such as the production of various physiologically activating substances from microbes and discovery of natural substances to replace antibiotics.

# MAIN PRODUCT : Smart CellCultivation System
Microbiological culture system that provides comprehensive solution from exploration of excellent strains, high density cultivation technology, fermenter manufacturing technology and reasonable field application of microorganisms so that functional microorganisms can be easily cultivated in the field in accordance with the intended use by consumers for livestock, agriculture, aquaculture and environment. Consumers can cultivate microorganisms themselves and this cultivated microorganism culture liquid can be used as organic fertilizer, feed additives, purification of environment and etc.

- Preventing downy mildew and withering of cucumber, tomato and yellow melon.
- Indigenous microbes from domestic soil, which leaves no residue and harmless to humans and environment
- Promoting the growth and production of crops
- Increase in crop growth and yield
- Inhibition and prevention of agriculturalpest propagation
- Reduction and non-toxification of harmful ingredients
- Synthesis of organic nitrogen by fixing nitrogen
- Photosynthesis increase by increasing the content of chlorophyll in crops
- Reduction of chemical fertilizers and increase in storageperiod of crops
- Improvement in soil strength by activating effective microbes
- Cultured with 100% photosynthetic bacteria using the method of high-concentration culture of photosynthetic bacteria

- Creating best livestock environment by mixing Photosynthetic Bacteria which is excellent for removal of odor and Bacillus Subtilis which is excellent for decomposition of organic compounds.
- Decrease of death rate, odor occurrence and noxious gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide etc.
- Stimulation of excreta fermentation
- Increase of spawning rate, feed consumption rate and weight gain
- Prevention of diarrhea and enhancement of disease-resistant strength
- Inhibition of harmful insect occurrence such as fly and mosquito etc.

- Water purification
- Providing nutrients and improving immunity
- Organic feed culture such as Chlorella, Rotifer and Artemia
- Quick-freezing product with concentrated PSB and strengthening essential nutrition ingredients that is insufficient in EP feed
- Water purification, stability of water quality and
prevention of disease for shrimp farm and fishery farm
of water tank type/recirculation type.
- Water purification and prevention of green algae for pond of golf resort and lake.

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[CellAct] Smart microbial Cultivator-fermenter

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Smart microbial Cultivator-fermenter, Feed additives(AquaBacta, EcoBacta, AgroBacta), Lake Water Purification System, Odor Removal Syste, organic fertilizer

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