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D2Drives s.r.o.

Družstevní 1200/20
789 85 Mohelnice
Republica Cehă

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Sales: Electro-motor, switching and safety technology, and frequency converters SIEMENS, front, flat, cone, screw, industrial, non-explosive gears MEZ, FLENDER, CAVEX.

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Electro-motors SIEMENS
Supplies: Low voltage asynchronous electro-motors, standard electro-motors with low power efficiency (IE1), high efficiency motor – power saving electro-motors IE2, motors with increased power, electro-motors protected against explosion or ignition, large low voltage motors – with power from 145kW, from axial size 315, single phase asynchronous electro-motors, high voltage motors, brand Siemens and other, ring motors, motors for dynamically demanding applications and drives for machining devices, synchronous servomotors Siemens series 1FT6. Adjustment of standard motors. Spare parts for all Siemens electro-motors and within limited scope also for motors made by MEZ, modular extensions – electro-magnetic spring brakes, valve units (or enforced or independent cooling), rotary pulse rotating sensors (IRC) and various types of temperature protections (PTC thermistors, thermal contacts, sensors KTY or PT100 and other).

Electrical gears
Deliveries: Compact electrical gears Siemens / Flender – front gears Motox, flat gears Motox, cone front gears Motox, front-screw gears Motox, screw gears Motox, gears MEZ – screw gears, small screw gears, front gears. Repairs and servicing of gears.

Frequency converters
Deliveries: Frequency converters Sinamics, frequency converters Micromaster

Deliveries: Soft-starters (electronic starting components) for starting the three-phase motors Siemens Sirius.

Shaft connections
Deliveries: Shaft connections SIEMENS / FLENDER, elastic connections N-Eupex, elastic connections Bipex, elastic connections Rupex, high elastic connections Elpex-B, lamella connections Arpex, gear connections Zapex.

Informatii generale

Anul infiintarii 1991
Capital social 120.000 CZK
Tipul locatiei Sediu central
TVA CZ41031130
Fax +420 583 453 042
Website http://www.elektromotory.cz http://www.electromotors.eu http://www.k-drives.eu


  • SIEMENS  (Distribuitor)

  • MEZ  (Distribuitor)

  • FLENDER  (Distribuitor)

  • CAVEX  (Distribuitor)


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    ISO 9001

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    Siemens A&D Solution Partner

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  • 2016

    128.651.000 CZK

  • 2015

    123.064.000 CZK

  • 2014

    101.015.000 CZK

  • 2013

    97.763.000 CZK

Manageri D2Drives s.r.o.

Datele executivilor

Pan David Hél

Proprietar / Managing Partner (Jednatel)

Pan Lukáš Lindner

Agent vanzari (Obchod - převodovky, spojky)

Pan Aleš Weidinger

Agent vanzari (Obchod - nízkonapěťové elektromotory)

Ing. Martin Koudelka

Agent vanzari (Obchod - vysokonapěťové motory a motory velkých výkonů)

Pan Jan Kuruc

Agent vanzari (Obchod - měniče, spínací technika, automatizace)

Paní Martina Kristenová

Agent vanzari (Obchod - procesní instrumentace, reklamace všeobecně)

Pan Jan Hojgr

Agent vanzari (Prodej a podpora NN motory)

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  • Producator
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  • Furnizor de servicii